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Looking for a tile regrouting service?

Looking for a tile regrouting service?
Considering a tile regrouting service?

A cost-effective alternative to a complete tile regrouting service

Did you know that in many cases, you may not require a complete tile regrouting service?

If you’ve a few bits of missing or cracked grout, or dirty and stained grout, in many cases it can actually be cleaned, repaired and recoloured, thereby bringing it back to life and virtually new looking.

Whether it’s for floor or wall tiles, over time dirt will gather and get absorbed into the grout – because most grout is porous.

In damp areas, it’s not uncommon for mould to grow on the grout too.

Also, improper grout cleaning can actually aggravate the absorbency of grout making it more likely to attract dirt over time.

Many people think their only alternative to achieve clean tile grout is to either laboriously remove grout and regrout, or completely re-tile.

But both these methods are time-consuming, messy and expensive.

If you would like your grout cleaner there are now methods available to prolong the life and appearance of your tiles and grout.

If you’re considering a tile regrout service, RevitaTile may be able to provide you with a cost-effective alternative – we can:

  • Patch and repair any missing or cracked grout
  • Clean mould and stains from existing grout and;
  • Professionally recolour your grout, bringing the appearance of your tiles back to ‘new looking’. You even have a choice of colours; you may want a new look!
  • Plus, our recolouring process contains a protective sealant making your grout resistant to future stains.

Our grout recolouring process is suitable for floors and walls. If you want your grout cleaner, longer; recolouring will last for years!

We do more than tile grout cleaning and colouring…

With your tiles and grout clean and new looking, you may want to complete the picture with two of our other key services:


Whether you’re looking at replacing silicone sealant in your shower, around your bath, or in your kitchen, we will professionally remove silicone sealant that is leaking, or mouldy and replace it so it no longer looks unsightly.


Over time, shower glass can become misty and stained, this can be from build-up of soap and products, body grease or hard water limescale stains.

Whether you’ve got very stubborn limescale on your shower screen, causing stains, we provide a professional shower glass cleaning service that will make your shower glass sparkle again.

Post shower glass cleaning, we can also add an invisible nano-tech coating to your glass shower screen, making it easier to clean and providing protection against further staining.


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