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tile and grout sealant services

tile and grout sealant replacement
tile and grout sealant replacement saved on a new bathroom

Dirty, mouldy or damaged silicone sealant?

When your tile and grout sealant becomes damaged or dirty, this is the time to replace it.

Silicone Sealant has a limited lifespan before it starts attracting mould, product and body-fat/grease stains.

Once this happens, sealant becomes unsightly and can lose its primary function, which is to be watertight.

If silicone starts to fail, it can lead to bigger problems such as:

  • Water leaks in bathrooms and showers
  • Stain patches from water damage in other rooms or ceilings below.
  • Expensive repairs and re-decorating.

As we said, the problem is that the removal of tile and grout sealant isn’t easy. Most people may only ever attempt silicone removal and replacement once or twice in their entire lives.

The removal process requires hard, manual graft to get the old sealant out. Replacing the silicone can be equally difficult, if not messy.

We can help save you from more expensive problems down the road. At RevitaTile, we replace silicone sealant virtually every day.

Through working with many customers, we have perfected the process and will carry out the work quickly and efficiently, saving you time and energy.

If you don’t want the hassle and mess of replacing bathroom sealant yourself, please give us a call or drop us a line for a quote.

We also remove and replace kitchen sealant too

Does your kitchen sealant need attention too?

Sealant is typically found around the kitchen splash-back; an area on the tiled wall at the back of the kitchen worktops, cooker and sink areas.

It provides a seal between the worktop and the tiles.

However, silicone between tiles and worktops can easily become stained, damaged or subject to mould. This gives it an unhygienic appearance.

When it gets tarnished, it can affect the appearance of a kitchen. But we can remove and replace the sealant, giving your worktop areas a new lease of life.


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