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Fixing grout can invariably involve the re-application of silicone that is no longer functioning properly (i.e. leaking), or has just become mouldy.

One customer had a particular problem with siliconing to such an extent it reduced her to tears when trying to remedy it.

The problem was, instead of silicone between the bath and tiled walls, plastic ‘L’-shaped beading had previously been used. When this began to leak and was removed, it left a nightmare of a mess, with adhesive that was worse to remove than silicone itself.

Elbow-grease proved successful and we managed to clean it all up and replace it with silicone.

The whole project was rounded-off with a shower-screen clean along with a protective coating that was added to prolong the cleanliness of the glass.

So we can help with siliconing and glass cleaning and coating.