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serving bath & surrounding areas


Restaurants, Bars & Cafes in Bath and surrounding areas

Running a food and drink establishment in a busy tourist area such as Bath and the West Country, you will know that cleanliness and hygiene are a number one priority both front and back of house.

But like most places in the hospitality sector, the throughput of customers and people, along with food and drinks served, make clearing-up a tough job.

Many establishments in the hospitality sector have tiled areas, as tiles are a versatile design considerations, whilst being  a functional surface.

However, keeping tiled areas clean can be a constant battle. And it’s not so much the tiles, but the grout between the tiles. Tile grout is porous, and will absorb stains and become more and more difficult to clean.

If you’d like to keep your tiled areas looking clean and your grout cleaner longer, RevitaTile Bath can help by applying our specialist grout colouring solution that also contains a protective seal against stains.

This provides you with a very cost-effective alternative to regrouting or even re-tiling.


Protective Coating for tiles & Ceramics

Not only can RevitaTile Bath clean-up your grout, but we can also provide a specialist nano-tech coating to your tile and washroom ceramics, providing a seal that helps keep your tiled and ceramic area cleaner longer.

Treated surfaces remain clean for prolonged periods, this reduces cleaning time and the costs for cleaning and care.