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live in Bath area and thinking of regrouting?

Helping you keep up appearances in Bath and the surrounding areas

a,If you live in Bath or any of the surrounding areas; whether you have a big house or small house – your tiled surfaces, specifically the grout and silicone are likely to require some attention.

Whether you’re suffering from stained grout, mould on your grout, or crumbling grout – it will affect the overall look of your tiled areas, floor tiles, wall tiles, in your kitchen or in your bathroom.

This can reflect not just your home, but can be embarrassing especially when visitors come and notice the dirty grout, or mouldy sealant. It can look like you don’t clean properly. 

When these problems arise, many people think their only options are to regrout their tiles or completely retile, even when their tiles are fine and in good condition.

This is where RevitaTile Bath can save you money on regrouting or retiling. For a fraction of the price of a retile, and without the inconvenience too, we can clean, recolour and re-seal so your tiled areas look like new again.

We can even provide protective coatings for your tiles and glass shower screens, leaving you with less hassle and work cleaning them.