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Rental Property Cleaning

Whether you’re providing student lets in Bath or in the general, domestic property rental and management market, empty properties cost money.

So, it is important to make sure that key areas such as kitchens and bathrooms are kept up to standard in terms of appearance – as these areas affect a tenant’s choice.

If your tiled areas in your kitchens or bathrooms need attention and you want to prolong the life of their cleanliness, RevitaTile Bath can help and save you money.

It’s not usually the tiled areas themselves, but dirty grout and mouldy silicone.

RevitaTile Bath can help you keep up appearances and keep your grout cleaner, longer by applying our specialist colouring solutions that contain a protective sealant against stains.

We will also remove stained and ineffective sealant and professionally apply new, anti-mould sealant.

Not only this, we can provide a deep clean to shower glass, tiles and ceramics, and apply our specialist nano-tech protective coating. This provides an invisible seal against stains and water marks, along with protection against the growth of micro-organisms and bacteria.