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Specialist grout cleaning and glass care for the hospitality sector in Bath and surrounding areas

,When it comes to hospitality and retail, your premises, rooms and buildings are all part of customer experience.

You will be judged and rated based on a customers’ experience and if it is negative in any way, others will get to know about it.

Tiled areas and grout in bathrooms, shower rooms, toilets and worktops can get dirty quickly.

RevitaTile Bath have the perfect solution to keep your grout cleaner, longer.

Our experienced technicians in Bath and surrounding areas can clean your grout, add our specialist colouring solution (that also contains a protective seal) and bringing your tiled areas back to life – saving you money in the long-term by keeping your tiles and grout cleaner, whilst providing protection against future stains.

Tile, glass and ceramic cleaning & protection

Another area that provides problems when it comes to cleaning are your glass areas – especially shower glass, tiled areas in general and ceramics.

Over time, glass, tiles and ceramics starts to attract stains from body grease, products and limescale (if you’re in a hard-water area).

We can provide a deep clean process on your glass, tiles and ceramics, followed by the application of a specialist, nano-tech, protective coating that will protect your glass, tiles and ceramics against future stains.

The protective coating provides an invisible seal that reduces the growth of micro-organisms and bacteria, improving hygiene and making cleaning easier.