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Considering a regrouting service?

If your tile grout is crumbling or stained your first thought might be ’tile regrouting’

But you can save money by cleaning, patching and recolouring grout instead of putting up with the inconvenience and mess of a complete tile regrouting project.

RevitaTile will revitalise your existing tiles – wall or floor.

If you’ve got dirty tile grout and thinking about regrouting, we can save you money and hassle by cleaning and recolouring your tile grout and replace silicone sealant at the same time.

After a time, tile grout can become stained and discoloured, as can silicone sealant. This can diminish the effect of your existing tiles and spoil a room, whether it’s a bathroom or kitchen.

And, we provide shower glass cleaning where we can also remove limescale from a shower screen, common in hard-water areas.

And if you want to make future cleaning easier we can provide a protective (invisible) seal on your tiles and glass that will prevent the build-up of stains and also make day-to-day cleaning easier.

Revitalise and save money.

Our services will revitalise your tiled surfaces; they include:

Removal of mouldy silicone on baths and showers and re-application of new, anti-fungal silicone

Recolouring of grout – refreshing and changing appearance, whilst sealing against stains

Protective sealing of tiles and grout using a specialist hydrophobic, grease and water repelling solution

Cleaning, restoration and protection of glass shower screens from grease and hardwater stains

Cheaper and less hassle than regrouting

Cheaper than re-tiling


Key Services

floor grout cleaning

Grout Clean & Recolour

Bring your tiles back to life with a grout recolour.

tile and grout sealant replacement

Tile & Grout Sealant Services

We can fix unsightly or leaking sealant.

clean shower screen

Protective Coatings for Tiles, Glass and Ceramics

Keep your surfaces cleaner, longer.

Services for Residential & Businesses Properties

Whether it’s for your home, or a business property, we can save you money on tile regrouting or re-tiling.

Residential & Domestic

Tiled areas in your home can become grubby looking and an embarressment when people visit you…

Hotels, B&Bs, Leisure & Retail

Hygiene is what your customers expect. And you will be judged and rated by how clean your tiled areas are…

Restaurants, Bars & Cafes

A dirty tiled surface indicates bad food hygiene standards – that’s what your customers will think…

Property Rentals & Management

Time is money – especially if a property is left vacant for long periods…

Happy Customers

“I can highly recommend Andy. Prompt response time, excellent value and expert skill and attention to detail. Thank you Andy. The bathroom has been revived!”

Leanne von Arx

“So pleased with the results in our kitchen and bathroom. We were planning to install a new bathroom but now we don’t need to as the outstanding work by Andy has brought the room back to life. Can’t speak highly enough about the attention to detail and the hard work that went into the preparation before applying the finish”.

David Acklam